Contact Us

Our Local Post Office

Our Local Post Office


L’Hôpital Adventiste de Béré

David et Sarah Macomber

Boîte postale 52 Kelo Tchad Africa




David’s: (+235) 91 47 40 61

Sarah’s: (+235) 91 47 39 38

Us with Stella the Duiker

Us with Stella the Duiker











2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Marjorie Plumley

    Dear Sarah and David, I love reading your great, interesting blogs so full of your activities in Chad. That is such a beautiful picture of you and your pet. You are in my prayers and pray for good health, better housing and your other needs to keep you more comfortable while working for the Lord, also for that sweet little one on its way to add to your family. May God grant you His peace as you labor for Him and keep your courage strong even when the going gets rough at times. God loves you so much and I do too.
    Lovingly, Marj Plumley

  2. Cecilia

    Hello friends, here comes a big hug from us here in France! Hope the nausia is over! and that you are able to regain some weigth Sarah! Can’t wait to see some photos of your growing belly! I just read about your cooked lizard…oh la la…you are soooo brave….to ever eat anything baked in that oven again (-; Just reading about all the adventures you have everyday makes me feel so spoiled over here…May God continue to speak and encourage you as you serve Him. I’m about to send the book to you (finally…sorry for the delay…) I’m going down to the poste office tomorrow. I’ll let you now how many to expect.
    Big hugs
    Cecilia and family

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Isaiah 6:8


Isaiah 6:8

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Isaiah 6:8

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