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Second Coming!

For those of you who don’t know, October 22 is a significant date for us Seventh-Day Adventists.  Back in 1844, there was a group of people who, through careful study of the Bible, concluded that Jesus must be returning on that date, because it marked the end of the 2,300-day time prophecy in Daniel 8.  When He didn’t come, it became known as the Great Disappointment.  That event, however, was the seed that eventually led to the creation of the Seventh-Day Adventist church.

And while Jesus didn’t come that day as expected, we know He will come very soon.  It’s clear as day.  Like the pains of a woman in labor, our world is obviously starting to accelerate into the sorrows we know must take place before He comes.

This date, however, has gained a greater significance for us as a family this year.  Just as careful study led people to prepare for Jesus’ arrival at the end of a period of time, scientific evidence has led us to prepare for a certain date at the end of a fixed time. Like many who were excited for that day, we also are excited.  And while we don’t know the exact moment, we see signs that convince us this event is right around the corner!  There will probably be some labor pains that one of us will have to deal with too…

Have you guessed it yet?  That’s right!  We have our own little second coming this October 22!


Little sister, on the way!

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Isaiah 6:8


Isaiah 6:8


Isaiah 6:8

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