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Before they call…

“It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear.”  Isaiah 65:24

I cruise along the freeway, taking in New Mexico’s wonderful sunset. Soft blues and brilliant pinks shared space with small dark pockets of thunderstorms, like God was using flint in a vain attempt to relight the sky. I set aside my phone and turn off my audiobook playing in the background, and take a couple moments to reflect on God’s goodness over this trek across the length and breadth of America.

It has been a long couple of days, complete with over 1,800 miles of driving and several signs of God’s protection. An almost-accident just before crossing the Mississippi. A couple would-be tickets. He kept me from slamming our roof-mounted bike into the concrete barrier of a low clearance had I continued forward like I normally would have. He made me see a man peek through a car’s window before jumping into his own, inspiring me to tuck our bike and stroller into the hotel room with me rather than leaving them in their vulnerable travel positions atop the car. Yes, God has been guiding and protecting me.

The latest is most impressive yet, and had happened only a moment before. A storm was bristling right before me, daring me to enter its depths. The road seemed to be leading straight into the darkest section, while not 20 miles to either side the playful tints of sunset were tickling the tempest’s edge. But the storm looked deep.

“Oh Lord,” I cried out, “I am on pace to get to Albuquerque by 9pm already. If I have to power through, I may not arrive until 10 or later! I don’t think I have the strength in me for an extra hour, particularly after battling such a storm.” I inch closer and closer to the storm, still appreciating New Mexico’s 75mph speed limit despite the extra haste into the impending doom.

“But You have been with me. I was looking forward to the easy drive tomorrow, only 6 hours instead of 14! But if you want me to stop in Tucumcari for the night, I’ll accept the extra 2.5 hours tomorrow.”

Just then the road turned about 45 degrees right. Then another right turn. Before I knew it, the road had taken a route just skirting the edges of the storm, and I raced around it, receiving only a couple of sprinkles on my windshield. I couldn’t believe it!

“Before they call, I will answer.”

Sure enough! God had answered my prayer 40 or more years before, when he guided the builders of the road to make a bend at just that moment, and take a new route! Hahaha!  Is there anything our God can’t do?!

I continued to reflect, and God opened to my eyes wonderful things, very simple and straightforward, to understand His plan for our lives.

Pulling into my hotel for the night in Albuquerque, I was greeted by a nice gentle Irish accent, and a surprisingly reasonable room rate. Yes, God has been good to me. On this trip, and through all my life. He is my God, and I find rest in Him.

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Well, the sweepstakes are over, and the results are in. After fully or partially completing 20 applications, 4 phone interviews, 5 full interviews, a turned-down job, and a final little push, we have accepted an offer of employment.

We are going to Phoenix, Arizona.

I’ll be a flight instructor for TransPac Aviation Academy at Deer Valley Municipal Airport (north of downtown Phoenix). I didn’t really want to go back to flight instruction, but I guess God knows best. They actually offered a pretty decent payscale and benefits package, considering many entry-level flying jobs really seem to be geared towards kids still living with their parents with no financial responsibility.

The deciding factor of this job, though, is that they were willing to give me Sabbaths off, guaranteed. Plus I’ll be home every night, which was important to us since we still need time to reset and reestablish who we are as a family here in the U.S.

Thank you all for your prayers and support, and especially a very special thank you to our friends who gave us the ability to get my CFI back. You know who you are!

We’ll be packing this week, and next week I start the long drive from New York to Phoenix so that I’ll be ready to start training September 19. The company will lodge us for 5 weeks in a furnished apartment while we find a place of our own. Any contacts who might be able to help us with this are appreciated!



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