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Stand Still…

Here’s just a little update since our post last week:

Praise God, I (David) was able to make it out to Southern California for my grandpa’s memorial service. It was a good time for catching up with family, and celebrating the life of another man who I take after. I’ll be posting a little of his story in another post soon. Hearing his story helped me understand myself a little bit better as well. But that’s for next time.

Concerning Cape Air, I had to turn down the job. As I had mentioned, I had some questions still, questions concerning working on Sabbath hours. I asked if I could have any assurance that the company would even be willing to put any effort into helping me keep Sabbath, since I’d be signing what would be at least a 15-month contract with steep penalties for backing out mid-contract; they were unwilling. So as much as I would love to work for them, I would rather walk in God’s way, even if it takes the sacrifice.

Just a couple days ago I shared this with a friend, just while we were catching up on life. This friend turned and handed me a wad of cash, saying, “Go get your flight instructor’s license back. I believe God will honor you because you are honoring Him by standing firm on the Sabbath, and I want to help.” Wow! I thanked them profusely, and am amazed at God and how He provides in all situations! And God will bless these friends even more, I know.

The amazingness didn’t stop there. With the cash as the catalyst, I messaged an old friend of mine in Dayton who could get me reinstated. I saw him today. He gave me his time for free! And I got my CFI back! Amazing how God continues to work.

While I was chatting with him after the paperwork had all been completed, I mentioned that I was still looking for a job, and that the biggest thing that’s kept me from getting one till now has been my commitment to keep the Sabbath as a day without work.

That opened a door, and he started asking questions.

“Why are you so firm on keeping Saturday? What difference does it make?”

“Well, it’s to remember that God created the heavens and the earth in six days, and on the seventh day he rested.”

He shared his beliefs on the subject, and that he didn’t think the Bible had much merit or reliability to it (even though he says he’s a Methodist), and truth can come from any number of areas.

“True,” I said, “But remember that Jesus Himself prayed that God sanctify believers ‘by [His] truth; [His] Word is truth.’ If we can’t believe what the Bible says, what else is there to believe in?”

I left it at that, not wanting to push him more. We talked a little more, then, hoping for a mite of hope from someone who’s spent his entire life in the aviation world, I asked, “Is there any pilot job you can think of that would be willing to work with me on getting Saturdays off? I’ve only ever heard of one, but it’s in Alaska [and we’d rather be closer to family; I’ve applied, and haven’t heard back from Alaska anyways].”

“Not really,” he replied. “You’d be better off just changing your religion.”

How easy it must be to give up something you don’t believe in. Fortunately, I believe in the power and truth we find in God’s word.

All seems to be lost, there seems to be nothing available that will satisfy my occupational desires while still meeting my spiritual, familial, and financial needs. I’m burned out by searching page after page of job postings. I have nowhere else to turn.

Praise God!

When we have nowhere to turn, but we know God has led us to where we are, that’s where God parts the waters. That’s where God turns the enemy one on another. There is nothing impossible with Him. The binds that have kept many faithful Adventist pilots in the smaller quadrants of aviation because of the unavailability of Sabbath respecting jobs will not hold sway, because God will provide an answer. He has not led me to this point for me to be another statistic of Adventist aviators with broken dreams. But it won’t be because of anything I have done, but it will be God’s power in action. And those who don’t believe will see it and know God’s power to save.

“Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. The Lord will fight for you.” (If you need help finding where that quote’s from, ask me).

By this you will know God has pleaded my case, if I get a job that will:

  • Guarantee cooperation in giving me Sabbaths off
  • Bring me home most every night
  • Be financially sufficient for our family
  • Be flying passengers to various points throughout the U.S. and the world

“Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.”

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God always provides!

Today we have been shown greatly the goodness and provision of God.

Over the past month and a half, I (David) have been looking for a job to provide for us now that God is bringing us back to the US. I’ve been knocking on all sorts of doors waiting to see what will open. 15 applications, to be exact. Of those, 10 have replied, 5 have done at least a preliminary interview by phone or one in person, and had 2 full interviews, one about three weeks ago in Connecticut, the other this past Wednesday in Boston.

It has been a very informative search; I can’t imagine what kind of difficulties other pilots go through, particularly those with less time than my over 1,000 hours. On top of all that, we’ve been trying to prioritize towards jobs that would allow me to be home more often than not, which is hard to find among most pilot jobs.

Finally, this afternoon, I got a phone call from the pilot recruiter for Cape Air, the company I interviewed with last week. Within a matter of seconds, our hopes for a job went from hopeful to ecstatic. They’ve offered me a job! Of the group of 10 that I interviewed with, 5 of us will be hired. To top it off, we had been shown the spaces left available for the next several training classes. I was offered the soonest class, starting September 7, which will affect my seniority within the company once we get going, and which also gives me more options for where to base compared to my fellow interviewees. It’s the best situation I could possibly get right now for this position with Cape Air. One last verification of some questions with the chief pilots, and I hope to move forward with the job!

Unless we miraculously get a job offer from Corning, Inc. just down the road from us here in NY within the next couple days. That would be an absolute miracle considering we’re currently at the step of “friends within the company are looking into it and asking around,” but I suppose anything can happen with God.

The other providence of God today has come in the form of a specific answered prayer. A couple weeks ago, my mom’s father passed away at 93 ½, just 10 weeks after my grandpa on my dad’s side passed away. The memorial service for Grandpa Goude is this week, and I really wanted to make it to CA for it, but we didn’t have the money for me to make the trip. At all. But I prayed about it, and I let God know that I’d really like to be there, but I refuse to buy on credit to get there.

Also happened today, my mom called to say a friend had saved up money for us, and wanted to help me get to the service. Not knowing our needs, she gave almost exactly the amount we needed for me to get to SoCal in time, and I quickly bought the ticket.

God is so good, and His mercy endures forever!

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