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Moving In and Moving Forward

These past several weeks have been full. In the middle of March we moved onto the hospital compound where we now have electricity, clean water, a refrigerator and freezer, and a two bedroom house. What a blessing it has been! We feel human again.


Our New Refrigerator!!

After we moved in and got settled, the Bible school, where we have been helping train bible workers about nutrition (David has been translating for me), finished and we celebrated the graduation ceremony and watched all the new Bible workers get their certificate of completion. It was great to see the joy and enthusiasm that each student had on their face as they go back to their villages to share what they have learned.


All of the Bible students with their certificates!


I got to be on baby duty at the graduation ceremony. :)

Then since the school ended it seems that either David or I have been sick. I had giardia for a week and just as soon as I started feeling better David got malaria. Praise God Joel hasn’t had anything serious!! And praise God we weren’t sick at the same time.

Another perk to moving in was the amount of space Joel has to play. He started taking his first steps on Easter and now he is walking a few steps at a time all by himself. It is exciting to see him grow. He is going to turn a year May 3rd.


Joel standing all by himself.

I went back to our old house to grab the last final items we left down there yesterday. Needless to say I am so glad we moved. I found 5 lizards rotting in the sink and a huge scorpion in one of our buckets (luckily it was dead).

Oh, let me not forget to mention the plane. A friend who is an Inspection authority came out for a week to do the annual inspection on the plane. After finishing the inspection, he had a long list of parts we need to get from the states before the plane can fly again. So right now we are waiting for either someone to come out here, so that we can send the parts with them, or paying through the nose in shipping fees. It’s expensive to run a plane in the bush, but once we get it going again we plan on flying the new mission president to different churches or areas where he needs to encourage. This is something we have never done before and we feel that it will strengthen relations and help the church. Not only that, but David will also be able to check out existing airstrips to see if the plane is able to land on them.

Also, in the past couple of weeks we have had three med-evac flight requests that have no hospitals in their remote villages and the roads take hours and hours to go any distance. It’s hard telling them that the plane is unable to fly now and that they will need to go by road. One lady traveled for 24 hours to get here and when she got here she took 5 liters of blood. She should have taken a 6th liter, but they didn’t have it at the hospital. Her brother is a pastor of the Church of God, who was attending Jonathan’s Bible school.

We appreciate your encouragement and prayers you give. We believe that is the only way the work keeps going forward.

With love,

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