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God Provides

Things have been very busy recently, and we’ve been working hard to keep up. I don’t have the energy to write a long update because I have a bit of a headache, but here are some pictures.

Today we got our tank up for the water tower at the Center. Mike has been working hard at welding the tower together, and today we got it all up! Only a couple more days of piping everything, and it should be fully functional for the Bible training we’ll have on the grounds starting next week!

Please pray that God sends sincere students who will be ready to learn, and then go home and share what they have learned with others. Please also, please, pray for teachers to come help teach! We need teachers both right now and long-term who can help the program grow.

We’ve also been working on a 100-hr inspection on the airplane, which is pretty much wrapped up now. Special thanks to David Despres who came to help us on both this and taking an inventory of all our supplies for the airplane. It was a monotonous task, but it will help us in preparing the parts we carry over in the future.

During the inspection, we found an issue with our fuel selector valve. We’ve been having issues in the past with it. Two years ago we repaired it, and it worked for a while, then broke again. So last year we got a rebuild kit, and rebuilt it. Now it’s bad again.

I looked online, and to buy a new part is $4,000! Forget that! So I looked for alternative option. I found a rebuilt part for $600, not including a $650 core-exchange so they get my old part. Not really my cup of tea either… We finally got it broken open and found a defect on an o-ring, so we’re hoping another rebuild kit will do it. The defect could come from bad fuel, but we’ve tested our fuel and it seems good, so we’re not sure what the next step is with that.2016.02.09_100103

The next thing we need for the airplane though is an annual inspection. It sounds like Gary won’t be able to come do it for us this year, so we’ll have to find someone from the US. I have a friend who’s willing to come, he just needs his expenses paid. I don’t have that kind of money at the moment, but it’s necessary to keep the plane flying, so I’m sure God will provide.

Please keep praying for us, for our health, our patience, and that we can be useful here. I am tempted to feel so young and inexperienced, but I know it comes with time, and God will work it out.

Our donations have gone up recently, and we greatly thank each and every one of you who provide for the needs of the project. We literally couldn’t do it without you.

God bless you all.

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Walking Through Darkness

A cloud has descended on me over the past several days. I am being humbled by God. I see where I have faltered in the trust God has given me, and I know I am not worthy to hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 
In my integrity I did not fall by the wayside, yet I see how little I know of managing an aviation program, and how unqualified I am. I am tempted to quit. I am tempted to leave. I am tempted to believe there is no good thing I am doing here, and that my work is for naught. I am tempted to be distrustful, incourteous, to isolate myself. The savor of life has left me in this hot, forsaken land.
Lord, help me.

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