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Bugs and Such…

The current count of bugs/crawling things in my house as of two weeks ago:

1 mud dweller bee
2 millipedes
3 cockroaches
4 centipedes
5 lizards/geckos
6 scorpions
50 black wall spiders
A million ants of all different types and sizes black and red


I have an extreme dislike for bugs and all things that crawl and slither. I especially dislike them in my house! I have a cat in the house for the sole purpose of getting rid of creeping and crawling things. She is great for getting rid of lizards and okay with getting rid of spiders, but not so good at getting millipedes, centipedes, and scorpions. Just last night we found a scorpion right by our table and we encouraged her to get it, but she just walked away. And then the other day I found a centipede under Joel’s mat he plays on and the cat was right there and after I wounded it she stepped in to take over the job, but ended up losing it and walking away. Cats…

Anyway, these unwelcome guests are over the top!! I pray often about keeping Joel safe from the centipedes and scorpions. I am getting nervous as he is almost to the point of crawling. But God is good and has kept us all from getting stung by any of these things.

Today was my breaking point. I was talking with my friend, who we hired to come help me clean the house twice a week, and I was telling her about all the scorpions I have been finding in the house. I then put my shoes to go outside and just when I lifted my foot there was a little scorpion under my shoe. I said, “see look here is another one!” She saw it and said those are really painful and dangerous. She said she was stung by one before and she was in severe pain 24 hours later. I asked her if you could die from the sting and she said, “if you have any health issues already you will die from its sting.” I was then talking with her further about how to get rid of them and good solutions for the gap under my door which I have a sand filled barrier there, but it isn’t good enough. Then all of the sudden another tiny scorpion runs out in the middle of the room about a foot away from Joel.



These crazy scorpions!! Then my friend said the mother is somewhere in our house and that scorpions have around thirty babies at a time. What?!!?!!! We had killed a big scorpion (the size of my index finger) last night and a week ago so hopefully one of those was the mom, but I have only found 4 baby scorpions (about the size of my thumbnail). I guess we have 26 to go… Oh boy…

I am claiming the promise in Luke 10:19. “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Praise God for his promises and the protection he provides!!

With love,

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Isaiah 6:8


Isaiah 6:8

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