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Please pray

On Saturday, the US Dept of State issued a warning for US citizens to evacuate Chad. We still feel tied to our home and work in Chad, but we don’t want to put ourselves in any undue danger. More importantly, though, we want to go wherever God is calling us. Please join us in prayer as we seek His will for our lives.

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A Time for Miracles

We’ve reached the penultimate stop of our insane summer travels…Denver, Colorado.  In the past 4 months we’ve travelled coast to coast 4 1/2 times, logged at least 21,000 miles and 22 states (most of that by car).  I did the math the other day, in just over 3 years married, Sarah and I have lived in other people’s houses 15 months!  That’s more than 40% of our married life.  Needless to say, we’re really super-excited to finally be on the home stretch before going to our own place; our little 2-room hut we’ve learned to call home. We wouldn’t have been able to make it there, however, without God doing His awesome thing. And there’s a story to go along with it.

As many of you know, Chad was going through a little bit of issues in late June and July. Enough so that we were a little bit wary of going back, not afraid of things, but just wanting to absolutely make certain that God was calling us back right now.  After some time of worry, we decided to ask God to make it unmistakably clear to us.  Since we were just at our minimum financially, we asked God that if He really wanted us back in Chad that He provide a specific sum of money by September 15.

Since then, things were getting rough.  We were feeling discouraged because a part of our running around the country was trying to raise funds for our projects, at General Conference and ASI, as well as keeping in touch with friends that had been supporting us.  We received some very generous gifts from several friends, but simply put, they weren’t adding up to what we needed to have going back.  As we were nearing the end of the travel circuit and not seeing what we were hoping for, we were feeling a little in the balance, not sure exactly if we would even be returning to Chad.  With that uncertainty, we had nowhere else to go but to God again.  And there, we gave up to Him, “Lord, if You want us in Chad, You are going to have to do it, because we’ve done everything we can think to and it’s not working!” This was last Thursday, when we were visiting our home church in Ohio.

Then, that same day some friends of ours contacted us.  “We’ve been wanting to support your ministry, so we, and another family, have been setting aside money this year to give.  Right now we have this much for you.”

Wow! That amount they promised to us was about 3/4 of what we needed.  But that was just one of the families, not counting the other.  A little later, we received our monthly donation report.  Wouldn’t you know it, the report finished the last 1/4 of what we needed, and $8 to spare!  Our God is so good, He makes His will so clear to those who seek it.  On the donation report, we saw a couple donations from the other family, so we knew the two of them, who had been saving for a year, decided now, right when we were looking for God’s will, to tell us!

Well, a couple nights later, we did an evening vespers and presentation at the church.  During that time we mentioned we were looking for a video camera and external microphone to take some movies.  A traveler, who we had never met before, came to me afterwards with a video camera. “Is this what you are looking for?”

“Why yes, that looks like it!”

“Well, I have some pictures I want to get off it, but it’s now yours!”  We made arrangements to get the camera from him when we meet up later this month.

On top of that, I mentioned the need for a new airplane starter, which another new friend volunteered to pay for!

Finally, somebody approached us and gave us an envelope filled with cash.  I counted it out later, it more than doubled the amount of money that we were asking of God.

I am just beyond words.  God is continuing to show Himself strong, and capable of meeting more than everything we need.  The generosity of strangers and friends alike has just been overwhelming, and we’re very excited about everything we’ll be able to do with these funds when we’re back in Chad, knowing that we are once again called there.  And as we are going where He sends us, He has made it clear.  And He will finish the work.

Please pray for us that we have the strength to finish our time in the US strong, that we get filled with rest from our months of wandering.  Please pray that God continue to provide the funds to move forward with all the projects He has put on our hearts.  Finally, please pray that God might us these broken vessels to bring others to Him, no matter where we go.

God bless,


P.S.  Many of you remember my mentioning a piece of software to help with tracking airplane maintenance.  It’ll take more time than I thought, so I’m working on an interim solution through Google Drive.  It’s not perfect, but it should do most of it.  I’m praying for an unlocked iPad Mini Cellular 3G to make it possible.  You can join me in prayer for that as well.  :)

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