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Robbed, But Still Rich

I am not sure how many of you know, but we had some unfortunate news this last month. We got an email from our missionary friends in Chad that said, “I must report some unfortunate news to you… five of the six solar panels over at your house were stolen… the thieves were well prepared with scissors to cut the wire, wrenches to undo the bolts, and strong muscles to bend what steel they could not cut or unbolt…” and we read on to find out that, “unfortunately, that is not all. Somebody (we presume the same person) also cut the screen and chicken wire on your porch, broke (destroyed) the lock with a hammer and rummaged through much of what you had in your house.”

Sometimes it is hard to think that the very same people we are trying to share Jesus with and the same people we are making sacrifices for are often times the people that can hurt us the most. But we keep claiming Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Therefore we know that for whatever reason this happened God is going to turn this situation around for His glory.

But this struggle is not what this blog post is about. We are encouraged and are seeing God work in a mighty way through other people in such a way that I can’t help but recount our blessings.

It is sometimes humbling to come back to the states and try to pay for medical care. Since we mainly live in Chad we don’t need health insurance (a typical treatment for malaria can cost $10 or maybe even $25 max), but when we come back to the US we find ourselves applying for Medicaid and still unable to find places that are covered under Medicaid. But God is always faithful.

When we were in California Joel needed to have a check up. Not knowing the area, we had people refer us to an Adventist physician. Once we arrived and Joel was checked out the physician found out we were missionaries and was really compassionate and prayed with us. He then said if he didn’t work for an organization that required him to bill each patient then he would have not charged us at all. But he was able to charge us the lowest amount possible. God is so good.

On top of that, we also had an appointment with an Adventist dentist in Denver. We got to the receptionists desk after our cleaning and other various procedures and saw the bill for over $500. Then the receptionist said that the doctor decided not to charge us at all and that he never does that to any of his patients. We felt so blessed.

God is certainly taking care of us through different people. It is amazing to know that even though our things were stolen in Chad and that it can be very easy to get discouraged, we see how much God is taking care of us right when we need it. We know that God is going to take this misfortune and use it for His glory.

Please continue to pray for the missionaries and the work in Chad.

With love,



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