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Home Again

To be blunt I wasn’t too excited to come back to Chad because we had such a hard time the first time we were here. This time when we arrived in the capital it was night. It was probably around 80 degrees F at 11 pm. I had this feeling of ‘oh yeah, we’re HERE again.’ Mosquitos were everywhere and the threat of malaria was constantly on my mind. The very next day we woke up at 5am and caught the next bus leaving for Béré. We rode 7 hours on the bus then had to switch to moto taxis to take us the rest if the way due to the heavy rains making, at some points, large rivers (covering the road for 300 yards in 3 feet of water) and large ponds in the road. the roads looked good for rainy season though. After the long day of travel we finally made it home! I was eager to see our friends Jonathan and Melody and other friends working at the hospital. I was also looking forward to seeing Stella, our little antelope. After lots of hugs and catching up for a few minutes I was looking around for Stella. I asked Melody if she saw her lately and she said that a week earlier our guard had left the gate open and Stella got out. Melody said Jonathan went looking for her until dark but couldn’t find her and they haven’t heard about or seen Stella since. I was feeling pretty bummed because we had grown really attached to Stella. I felt it was a pretty fitting re-entry to Chad where you kind of expect things you love to run away, get stolen, or die.

But of course, despite my apathetic feelings about this place God has a way of changing my perspective. When we walked into our home I had a sense of peace and rest. We had been traveling so much to France and to the States and every week in the States we were in a different place which made coming back here seem like paradise. We were so happy to just rest! It felt like home for the first time. We saw two scorpions, several lizards, and countless large black spiders in our house the first day we were here and it felt even more like home. It is so good to be back!

Back to the topic of pets, I have been praying for a kitten for over a year now and have had three kittens in Chad that have either ran away or died. We never had a cat more than 3 days. But the other day we were at the hospital giving a tour for the new couple who came to help with the nutrition center. While we were looking at the newer section of the hospital we saw some guys who had caught a kitten. David asked if we could have it if they were just going to set it free out of the hospital compound. They willingly gave the kitten up (since it was hissing and clawing anyone who touched it). We wrapped it up in my coat and brought it back home. We decided not to name it yet since we expected it to escape by now, but it hasn’t. Although it almost did today and David had to climb on the roof to get it. She climbed all the way to the top of our screen and found a hole and was halfway in the house and half way out. David scared her a little bit and she lost her footing and fell the 12 feet down. She is doing fine now and it seems strange that we still have a kitten after 3 days! God is good. We named her Hadasseh.

With love,

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