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Finally Off!

Thank you for all the prayers. Gary contacted us and said he needs us right away in Chad. We are officially leaving November 4th from Colorado and will arrive in Chad November 6th. We are so excited that we are finally leaving! It gets old after a while just talking about becoming missionaries- we want to be missionaries where God has called us.

All packed up!

Here are the spices we’re bringing.

God has been faithful in aligning everything up perfectly for us to leave. We have our shots, most of our gear packed (with a few minor items to get), and travel plans arranged with Gary. We do have some road blocks that we need your prayers for. First, we have sent our passports over night shipping in for our visas last week and they have not arrived at the embassy yet. Second, we need to buy our tickets right away and are running into a few problems with that. Please pray that these problems are worked out this week. Thanks for all the support.

With love,


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No more grabbing my review book to study every chance I have free, or going over my notes at night to reinforce each point! That’s right, Praise the Lord!! I am now a Registered Dietitian!! Thank you to everyone who was praying for me during my exams. I couldn’t have done it without all the support and encouragement.

You are all my witnesses, this career I am about to embark on is not for my glory, but for Gods. All the sweat, tears, and discipline I went through for my degree and credentials doesn’t mean much when I use it for my own glory, so I’m investing in a wild adventure with God who always seems to get me through enough to bless me, and of course, just enough to keep me humble.

So, I know you are wondering when we are leaving! Unfortunately it is still up in the air, but I wanted to update you on our plans. Monday the 21st we are leaving New York and heading to Colorado to say our last good-byes to David’s family. Wednesday the 30th we are flying to Tennessee to join GMI and hopefully soon after we will be getting on a plane for Chad!

Besides packing and seeing family these few weeks before going, I am filling my time with studying malnutrition more in-depth. I am going to fill out an application for becoming a country representative as an RD for the American Overseas Dietetic Association. They don’t have one for Chad yet and seemed very interested in having one there when I emailed the organization. We’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping for a steady Internet connection out there if I do that! God is certainly blessing and it is neat to see Him work!

Please pray we hear back from Gary and Wendy soon! Thanks for all your support.

With love,
Sarah Macomber, RD (I just wanted to see what it looked like!) :)

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Isaiah 6:8


Isaiah 6:8

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